During our Telethon, 93 incredible supporters helped us raise nearly $16,000 to make free for the month of April!

We hope that you will tune in to, find your favorite film, learn about a new artist, and then extend an invitation to your friends and family.
You can also check out our two newest titles Betroffenheit and Black Bois.

Here is how you can start streaming free in April 2021:
Go to on a laptop or desktop computer (NOT a mobile device like a tablet or phone)
Select any film under the FILMS tab
Select the RENT option under PURCHASING OPTIONS
Go to CHECKOUT and fill out the contact information, then enter the code “ARTFORALLAPRIL21” in the COUPON section

Why Art For All April?

The need for affordable and accessible art, that could be enjoyed from our homes, became even more important in 2020 when COVID-19 hit, and we all had to stay inside.

On the Boards met the onset of the initial panic of the pandemic by making FREE of charge to all visitors -- scholars and housebound art lovers from over 25 countries around the globe! We Zoomed community screenings of performance from our friends’ living rooms. We added to the platform, we shared discount codes for subscriptions, and gave recommendations to our friends, we streamed videos during our own workdays because we needed ART. And new users grew by over two thousand percent.

We want all the people who watched for the very first time in 2020 to be able to share the service with their friends and their friends’ friends, and their friend's friends' friends. We want the world to know that contemporary performance is just a login away.