Takahiro Yamamoto

Takahiro Yamamoto is a multidisciplinary artist and choreographer based in Portland, Oregon. He primarily creates live movement-based perfor-mance while expanding his outlets to publishing, sculpture, photography, and installation. His current conceptual investigations revolve around the phenomenological effects of time, embodied approach to the presence of nothingness, and the social/emotional implications of visibility. He has received support from New England Foundation for the Arts, Bogliasco Foundation, Oregon Community Foundation, MacDowell, NCCAkron, Nation-al Performance Network, Japan Foundation, and others. His performance and visual art works have been presented at Portland Art Museum, PICA, Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati, the Henry Art Gallery, and GoDown Arts Centre Nairobi, among other venues. He co-directs the performance com­pany madhause with Ben Evans, and is part of the Portland-based support group Physical Education with Allie Hankins, keyon gaskin, and Lu Yim.

NOTHINGBEING | Artist Interview (Clip 1)

NOTHINGBEING | Artist Interview (Clip 2)

NOTHINGBEING | Artist Interview (Clip 3)