Psyche - The Web Opera by Seattle's Fisher Ensemble

The Fisher Ensemble brings more online performance available to you in the form of a web opera, introducing new 21st century audiences to opera via the internet.

June 1-17, 2011 (online @
The Fisher Ensemble will premiere Psyche, the web opera, with music by Garrett Fisher, and words by Thom Schramm.  The web-based version of the opera is based on the soundtrack of the live opera Psyche, and consists of short films by Ryan K Adams, Ian Lucero, Luke Sieczek, and Jacob Snyder, and includes choreography by Christy Fisher with dancers Mary Cutrera, Ines Andrade-Maricle, and Archana Kumar.

The series of films will be presented episodically online over several weeks here at the Fisher Ensemble. Or can be viewed in full at Jack Straw Productions in Seattle June 17 at 8PM.

Visit Garrett Fishers Blog for more information on what a web opera is and more about Psyche the original live performance and the new online version.