2 Artists Recieve $50,000 USA Fellows

Morgan Thorson and Michelle Ellswsorth were both awarded USA Fellowships this year for outstanding dance artistry.  To be selected, the artist must have expert artistic skills in artistic education or training (formal or informal), a history of deriving income from those skills, a history of active engagement in creating artwork and presenting it to the public.  Read more about how the artists were chosen at the USA Fellows website and see the full list of USA Fellows.

Check out Heaven by Morgan Thorson, filmed in 2010, that integrated live music and vocal work into dance.  Heaven is a collaboration between rising choreographer Morgan Thorson and Alan SParhawk and Mimi Parker of the indie band Low.

During the first year of, we invited performance artist Michelle Ellsworth to help set the tone for watching and provide the playfulness and intelligence that we believe is characteristic of our audiences. Check out all the videos she made for us here and look for her upcoming performance Phone Homer which will be available spring 2012.