Beth Gill

Still of Beth Gill's
Still of Beth Gill's "Electric Midwife," presented by the LMCC River to River Festival. Photo by Julieta Cervantes.

Departures and Through Lines

Claudia La Rocco

There is something distinctly female about the quiet, controlled worlds that Beth Gill creates. They conjure the still interiors of an Anita Brookner novel, or the sensual gradations in an Agnes Martin painting. Disruptions are subsonic.…

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Ushering the Body (Back) In

Megan Metcalf

It’s marked out in black tape on the white floor, a path a foot or so wide, easily transgressed. But as Beth Gill’s Electric Midwife unfolds—quite literally unfolds, with the six women swinging their limbs, curving and extending them in a manner both elegant and matter-of-fact—these lines are never crossed.…

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