Rashaun Mitchell | Silas Riener | Charles Atlas

Image of Rashaun Mitchell, Silas Riener, and Charles Atlas' "Tesseract ◯," performed at EMPAC in Troy, NY. Photo by Mick Bello.

Mystery Sci-Fi Theater

Siobhan Burke

My experience with science fiction—reading it, watching it—is akin, I think, to many people’s experience with contemporary dance. I’m a novice, for whom even the genre’s most widely-known references mean little.…

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Tesseract Notebook

Ryan Jenkins

I keep a lot of notes. Most of them end up being reminders or things that should have been entered digitally so I don’t lose them. Sometimes they mean nothing and are simply driven by the enjoyment of handwriting and doodling; I have trouble focusing if I’m not drawing.…

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Performance Program

Tesseract is a new two-part work by Charles Atlas, Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener. The evening will commence with the world premiere of the stereoscopic 3D video Tesseract ◯. A six-chapter work of science fiction, it is Atlas’ first “dance video” in over a decade.…

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