Tere O’Connor

Image of Tere O'Connor's
Image of Tere O'Connor's "BLEED." Photo by Paula Court. Dancers (L to R) are Mary Read, Heather Olson, and devynn emory.

BLEED and Becoming

Maxe Crandall

Tere O’Connor’s work is a conjuring, a bringing in of everything and an invitation to unravel. At the level of composition, three earlier dances (Sisters, poem, and Secret Mary) provide alternate pasts for the larger work, memories for and behind and within the current motions.…

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Road Trip

Katy Dammers

He asked us to imagine ourselves in a car, traversing through a landscape, seatbelts on. When traffic slows and then stops, we’re all stuck—and even though you spend that time trying to decipher the license plate of the car in front of us while I stare into space…

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