Antoine Defoort & Halory Goerger

DEFOORT AND GOERGER hail from France. They are musicians, actors, philosophers, pranksters, artists, and inventors. They excel at mixing genres, upending social codes, and not taking themselves too seriously. Their super-clever mix of visual art, theater, music, and sociology marked them as rising stars at the 2013 Avignon Festival.

Halory Goerger makes shows andinstallations instead of building houses or repairing animals because it’s betterlike that for everybody. He works on the history of ideas, because everything else was already taken bythe time he came along. In most hisundertakings, total destitution flirts with formal rigour, and a concern for getting out alive. He cofounded l’amicalede production.

Antoine Defoort tries to maintain a good atmosphere and a high level of porosity betweenhis seasonal whims, life, as in real life,and contemporary art. He therefore often finds himself struggling with blatant contradictions that are either proudly assumed or shamefully hidden through the use of mind numbing non-sequiturs and wild digressions. Failures and accidents are welcomed with open arms and create a crispy granularity particularly appreciated by connoisseurs.