Markeith Wiley

California native Markeith Wiley is a dance maker, performer and instructor of many styles in the greater Seattle area. Wiley holds a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts and has performed with Keith Henessesy, Kitten n’ Lou, The Dance Cartel, Lingo and more. His vast movement vocabulary spans a lifetime of influences, from breakdancing and hip-hop to contemporary and theatre dance. Wiley was a member of the 2014 City Arts Future List; he’s danced at venues all over Seattle including Spectrum, Velocity and On the Boards, and choreographed for theatre groups WET and the Satori Group.

It's Not Too Late

The merciless humor of comedian and social critic Paul Mooney is channeled in a fast-paced and ruthless new work merging stand-up comedy, theater, and physicality. Billing himself as “Seattle’s first Black talk show host,” choreographer and performer Markeith Wiley unveils a new, no-holds-barred persona as an engaging, brutally direct entertainer and loquacious dancer. Featuring live guests and a house DJ, It's Not Too Late is a timely capsule of emotional resignation around race immediately following the 2016 presidential election.