Radoslaw Rychcik | Stephan Zeromski Theatre

Radosław Rychcik emerged from the exceptionally strong theater scene in Poland and is becoming one of the “it” boys of international theater for his use of an intense acting technique and simple yet specific stage design. Rychcik has directed shows by Bertolt Brecht (Versus: In the Jungle of Cities), Roland Barthes (Fragments: A Lover’s Discourse) and recently premiered an adaptation of Gustav Flaubert’s Madame Bovary. His work has been shown at Under the Radar (NYC) and will also travel to the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, REDCAT (LA) and the PuSH Festival (Vancouver BC).

“The Chillers' feverish, rave vibe is instantly mesmerizing.” – Seattle Times

In the Solitude of Cotton Fields

Styled like an Eastern European punk concert, director Radosław Rychcik’s contemporary spin on In the Solitude of Cotton Fields features two actors in chic suits backed by a house band, The Natural Born Chillers. Based on the French play of the same name by Bernard-Marie Koltès, the action follows an illicit, unnamed deal expressed between men known only as The Dealer and The Client. Featuring a cast from the Stefan Zeromski Theatre of Kielce, Poland.