Temporary Distortion

Temporary Distortion explores the potential tensions found between practices in visual art, theater, cinema, and music. The group works across and between disciplines to create performances, installations, films, albums, and works for the stage. Temporary Distortion was formed in 2002 by writer/director/designer Kenneth Collins when he began staging intimate performances in claustrophobic, life-size shadow boxes that eventually evolved into much larger, open-frame structures. These later stage constructions expanded the form of the shadow box and included numerous multifaceted assemblages made of industrial lights, microphones, speakers, television monitors, and video projection surfaces. In 2007 the company began work on a trilogy of film genre deconstructions merging theater and cinema. Most recently, Temporary Distortion's work has focused on long-duration, installation-based performance and live music. The company is based in New York City. Its work has been seen throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

“Temporary Distortion just keep elevating their game. You could call that game sculptural video, or perhaps living set design, or maybe just multimedia ravishment.“ - TimeOut NY

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