Motivational Video #144

#144 provides support for the post speller.

Please Consider #6

21 considerations of highly effective skypers

Please consider #4

Interrupting the narrative: burgers and favors

burger dance #7

A burger on the side of the road.

Motivational Video #142

Provides validation and understanding for the repetitious.

Burger Transformation #3

Perhaps there are new and more thoughtful ways to interact with burgers.

Hamburg Variation #7

Hamburg Variation #7 explores the impact a burger can have on a woman on a chair.

Please Consider #3: Smallerizers

Employing basic principles of geometry, Smallerizers help you feel small. Please consider a Smallerizer if someone you love, who is bigger than you, is not available or you are tired of being big and powerful.


No is an experiment in negative listening. Shot at the Beecher Island Battlefield.

Motivational Video #137

Motivational Video #137 embraces an expansive definition of heath and touts the benefits (to all) of calling in sick.