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Loss Machine

Kyle Loven

As the visual and performance worlds continue to collide, Kyle Loven is a difficult artist to categorize. An object maker with theatrical designs, his Rube Goldberg-esque Loss Machine unearths a world of lost items, misplaced thoughts and fractured journeys all housed within an intricately detailed set. Digging through the layers of the everyday and the fantastical, this piece poignantly displays a narrative of discovery and loss from the drama of imagery.

El Rumor del Incendio

Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol

In 1960s Mexico, young revolutionaries took up arms in a desperate attempt to change society. A few decades later, the children of those guerilleros retrace the struggles of their elders, revealing this shadowed chapter of Mexican history through the personal experiences of one woman, Margarita Urías. El Rumor del Incendio blends witness accounts, archive film, and scale models as the actors unearth the artifacts of recent history. 3rd Birthday!

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Two days ago flew across the country to NYC. Once there, we broke out our gear and sped across the city to film two amazing performances that were part of the PS122 COIL festival.

Read more about the performances by artists Half Straddle/Tina Satter and Pavel Zuštiak/Palissimo and keep an eye out for the films online this spring!



In the editing room: Kyle Loven | Loss Machine

Two weeks ago shot the one-man puppet show by Seattle artist Kyle Loven. We couldn't miss capturing this magical, intimate performance.

Look for it this spring at and in the meantime read about the performance in the digital program!

Available now: Michelle Ellsworth | Phone Homer

$5 stream | $15 download | FREE with subscription purchase

Watch Michelle Ellsworth as she weaves her way through a multimedia portrayal of the tragic story of Clytnmestra, using hamburgers, her own version of Ted Talks, Pandora, Amazon, PayPal and more!

Be sure to check out all the extra features on her page -

Phone Homer (2012)

Michelle Ellsworth

Noted video and performing artist Michelle Ellsworth unleashes a one woman, multimedia portrayal of Clytemnestra, the woman left behind as her husband Agamemnon serves as leader of the Greeks in Troy. In Phone Homer she uses series of instructional videos, Skype calls with characters from The Iliad, a kinetic alphabet modeled after the Kinect, hamburger sacrifices, and an entire internet constructed specifically for this show to interpret this mythic character.

In the editing room: Teatro Línea de Sombra | Amarillo

Just last weekend the film crew was back in Seattle filming our newest production, Amarillo by Teatro Línea de Sombra, one of the most celebrated Mexican theater ensembles. Their roots in political theater and ensemble collaborations result in performances with visceral imagery, evocative soundscapes and rich storytelling.