BeginAgain by Zoe | Juniper

"A swirl of duality and dueling identities."
- The New York Times



Seattle wunderkinds zoe | juniper head in a new, streamlined direction as they explore technological methods for setting and triggering their raw tableaux of movement and stage design. BeginAgain forces different perspectives for dance on a proscenium stage using two juxtaposed video screens, the physical interruption of the normally flat dance space, live body casting, Shue Winner of 2015 Arts Entrepreneurship Award wins a 2015 Arts Entrepeneurship Award from Fractured Atlas!

What is one piece of advice you would give to aspiring arts entrepreneurs?


Winners and Losers by Theatre Replacement and Neworld Theatre

An intimate story about two good friends who "are forced to take a frank look at their lives through a made-up game."


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Winners and Losers

Theater artists and longtime friends Marcus Youssef and James Long sit at a table and play an invented game called winners and losers. In it, they name people, places or things— Pamela Anderson, microwave ovens, their fathers, Goldman Sachs, Mexico — pronouncing each one winner or loser. Their game turns personal as they mercilessly dissect each other's families, privileges and class backgrounds. The competition quickly heats up, resulting in an intimate and blisteringly honest performance. in the New York Times

"One of the most innovative is, a four-year-old venture of the Seattle organization On the Boards, which presents experimental dance and theater. A team of videographers works with selected artists to produce high-definition, thoughtfully framed films of their work. The result, so far, is a small but growing library of gorgeously shot performances recorded at On the Boards and elsewhere: the Fusebox Festival in Austin, Tex.; Performance Space 122 in New York; and the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art in Oregon."


The Room Nobody Knows by Niwa Gekidan Penino

"Kuro Tanino's troupe is a one-man psychological trip into the underbelly of our desires."

The Room Nobody Knows


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OUR SUGGESTION: Temporary Distortion's Newyorkland.

ronnie smoking

Gritty cops, gorgeous video and an intricately designed set. Four police officers struggle with the demands of their chosen profession and the high costs of working within the fraternal and secretive society of the NYPD.


USUALLY BEAUTY FAILS by Frédérick Gravel

Unstoppable physicality, live music and a pop-culture aesthetic work to create a profound rumination on sex and love.

gravel quote

"...visceral, audacious." - The Straight

"...ballet, crossed with improv, crossed with a drunken orangutan - in the best possible way." - Seattle Dances