Coming Soon | El pasado es un animal grotesco

Watch our new trailer and the behind the scenes video for Mariano Pensotti's El pasado es un animal grotesco.  Coming to soon!


Filming May 5th in Austin TX! heads to Austin TX this weekend to film at the Fusebox Festival!  We will be filming Wunderbaum | Songs at the end of the world.  Look for more updates soon!

A Crack in Everything

zoe | juniper

Choreographer Zoe Scofield and visual artist Juniper Shuey offer a surreal, visually arresting examination of the gap between cause and effect in A Crack in Everything.

Dayna Hanson at RedCat

Did you enjoy Gloria's Cause on film?  Well now you have a chance to see it live in the LA!  Dayna Hanson will be at RedCat Apr 4 - 8.  Check out her trailer for a refresher.


Coming Soon | A Crack in Everything

Preview the trailer for zoe|juniper A Crack in Everything.  Check the performance page for additional features and be sure to look for the full performance mid-April!



Temporary Distortion

An assemblage of film, performance and visual art, Newyorkland follows 4 police officers struggling with the demands of their chosen profession and the high costs of working within the fraternal and secretive society of the NYPD. Inspired by the gritty cop movies of the 1970s, popular TV police procedurals and real-life cop stories, the production is staged in one of Temporary Distortion’s signature box-like structures. This installation serves as a framework for both the ensemble’s uniquely restrained acting style and as a canvas for its intricate and gorgeous video.

OtB Artist Dance Film Selected for Festival Showing

On the Boards artist KT Neihoff of Lingo Productions has been selected to show their first dance film Parts Don't Work in the San Francisco Dance Film Festival, sharing the screen with prominent dance filmmakers from around the globe. 

Parts Don't Work was shot on location in the now defunct Fun Forest Amusement Park at Seattle Center. The story follows our heroine as she grapples with her outsider status to a go-go booted, lipstick slinging Girl Gang.


Diane Ragsdale | Digitization of Live Performances

Diane Ragsdale, former managing director of On the Boards, writes in her blog a post about the Digitization of Live Performances about the role of online media such as in audience engagement and artist awareness.


The Explosion of Live HD Broadcasts

Are you curious about the increased talk and presentations on live HD theater and performance broadcasts?  Check out what the top journals and newspapers are saying all over the world: